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10 most dangerous sports

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10 most dangerous sports

Doctors specializing in sports medicine, know that a great sport for health harmful. The race for the result, the excessive load is not bring the body to use. Useful only Amateur sport, fitness, dosed physical load, to maintain the beauty and health of the body.

It is not even about extreme species, quite rare and exotic for most people. Any sport increases the risk of injury. Sprains, dislocations, bruises, disorders of joints and spine — without these troubles do not do any sports achievement.

To build sports according to the degree of danger — a thankless task. It is clear that more massive types and indicators of injury will be higher than exotic and rare. Therefore, below are listed dangerous sports without building them in the rankings.


One of the most popular sports is also one of the most traumatic. This is due to the elements of power struggles on the ice field, where players engage in hard labor. Injuries to the head and face, broken teeth, sprains, fractures, and severe physical exertion — that is what awaits those who decided to go on the ice with a stick and a puck.


Despite the fact that injuries in football are often theatrical, demonstrative, do not think that they are. There is no footballer with healthy feet. Meeting the ball with his head will not remain without consequences. Significant physical exertion can lead to cardiac arrest right on the field. Goalies often receive a variety of injuries in attempts to get the ball. Dangerous and aggressive football fans: players can be injured thrown on the field objects.

Horse riding

Classes dressage is much less traumatic than cross-country, racing or show jumping. Speed and jumping equestrian sports are at risk both partners: the horse and the rider. The most frequent injuries:

  • bone fractures;
  • dislocations and sprains;
  • injuries, such as from a fall, or kick;
  • concussion
  • bites (Yes, the horses will bite, and very painful).

Cycling and motocross

Overcome challenging tracks on the iron horse is no less dangerous than horse riding. Speed increase the risk of injury. Fractures, sprains, bruises, head injuries — a common occurrence. Motorcyclists, also, get severe overload on the bends.


Especially dangerous is the kind of climbing when athletes refuse insurance and climb mountains almost light, relying only on own forces and trained body. In the mountains waiting for climbers avalanches, rockfalls, cracks, falls from height, low temperature, lack of oxygen, elevated levels of ultraviolet light are dangerous to the eyes. Cataract from the mountain of the sun, frostbite, broken bones are the price of reaching the peak.


Water is not behind the mountains: every year water sports claim a number of lives and increase the number of affected athletes. Especially dangerous diving in underwater caves. A successful return to the surface depends not only on physical and psychological preparation of the athlete, but also from its equipment. However, an inexperienced diver can get hurt or even drown even in a routine dive.

Tumbling and cheerleading

Striving to surpass your rivals athletes invent increasingly sophisticated tricks and techniques. The increase in complexity leads to an increase in the number of injuries of different nature. Beautiful girls pussy every year more than 20 thousand injuries that require serious treatment.


And it’s not a joke. Calm and measured action on the green field each year claims the lives of several hundred people. Among the main causes of injury — hits a heavy ball, flying with great speed. And — lightning. Players may not leave the field even in the storm, continuing to stay out in the open with a metal stick in his hands. And lightning, as we know from school physics course, it strikes the highest object.


When athletes are fused on special rafts-rafting on the rough rivers full of rapids, adrenaline in their veins boiling, no less than the water around the stones.

The greatest danger is hitting the rocks, getting into the siphon — the place where the river goes underground. With the passage of the rapids a person can catch on the bottom, and it covers turbulent flow with your head. Save stuck sometimes impossible.

Aerial views

Skydiving, paragliding or hang gliding dangerous drop. The cause of the fall may become and hardware failure, and a sudden gust of wind, and the botched landing. And yet — the desire to rise again into the sky even after suffering severe injuries.

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