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10 life hacks for burning calories

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To be in good shape, need to get rid of excess calories, if you do not spend energy on the activity, it is converted to fat. It is a ten lifehacks for burning calories.

Everyone wants to be in shape, but not everyone will spend the time counting of consumed and spent calories. If you are too busy to count calories and regularly visit the gym, to lose weight and maintain the figure you need to spend as much energy as possible. These ten life hacks will help you to change your habits, become more active and spend extra calories.

Morning exercise

Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier and spend that time on exercise performance. Choose three exercises that you like, and do them for ten minutes before Breakfast. After charging your muscles are warmed up, the metabolism will become faster after a night of slow, and the mind will tune into the Wake.

Walk on the stairs

If at home or at work there are stairs, do not miss the opportunity to go up and down on it. In order to spend more calories, you can not just walk up the stairs and jump the stairs, step over a few stairs to climb and descend sideways.


Heard that real heroes always go to bypass? If you choose not the shortest and the longest route from point to point, you not only save calories, but will put in order thoughts while walking, admire the spectacular views and open new interesting places.

Sleep without clothes

If you sleep without clothes, the body temperature will be slightly lower, some part of energy spent on maintaining body temperature. The cooler the room, the more calories will be spent on thermoregulation.

Do cardio in shorts and t-shirt

By analogy with sleep while performing cardio you must be at least clothing. Doing cardio in shorts and t-shirt, you will spend more energy than in a tracksuit.

Do exercises during commercials

Ads while watching a TV show is a great opportunity to move and burn calories. Don’t stay in place while the advertising is done, do a few jumping jacks and sit-UPS, run in place, otomis.

If you do exercise during each ad unit, then an hour of watching TV you will get at least 15 minutes of activity.
Use a pedometer

The pedometer will show you how many steps you walked for the day and will assess how active you were today. Set the minimum number of steps that you must complete in a day, strive for new achievements and records.

Do isometric exercises

Isometric exercises involve holding the body in a particular position, in their implementation, you do not make active movements, but spend a lot of calories. Start performing isometric exercises with a minute, try to increase the time to five minutes.

Walk interval walking

While walking series slow walking fast, walk slowly for five minutes, then accelerate for a minute. Interval walking increase the heart rate, that burns more calories.

Use gum

A lot of calories so you don’t spend, but the chewing gum takes a certain amount of energy. Every time you bite down on chewing gum, you spend one calorie.

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