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10 fun ways to become more active

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You know that an active lifestyle is good for health and figure, but can’t bring myself to start doing sports? There are many alternative possibilities to be active every day.

You know you have to be active to maintain health and beauty of the figures, but I can’t bring myself to start doing sports? You might have already tried going to the gym or Jogging in the morning, but realized that is not yours and abandoned the idea. There are many ways and ideas to actively spend time on every day. Each of these ten fun solutions will be the best option in front of the TV or other sedentary occupations.

To run with your children or dog in the yard

In warm time of the year the weather itself hints at what you need to spend more time on the street. To run the kids around the yard or play with the dog – it’s a great opportunity to enjoy fellowship with each other and spend time very actively.

Play music and dance while cleaning

When you need to bring order to any room in the house, do it to the music. Cheerful energetic musical rhythms themselves will make you move to the beat, while cleaning in the rhythm of the dance rhythm becomes as tall as during training. Cleaning dancing takes more pleasure, it will not be perceived as a duty.

Plant flowers

In the presence of the yard in good weather you can take his improvement – remove excess grass, trim the hedges, plant flowers or a tree. The arrangement of the yard and perform the duties of a gardener takes a lot of energy, these classes provide the daily rate of activity.

Take a stroll with a friend

A walk refreshes the thinking, so the best conversations happen on the walk. In pleasant conversation and the walk will fly by, you will saturate your body with oxygen and give him a daily rate of activity.

To listen to an audio book on a walk

Many people indulge in walks on the grounds of lack of company, they do not realize that the best company will be able to become an audio book. This time will benefit the body and mind, the body will get exercise, and the mind – new information.

To sign up for yoga or Pilates

Very often people who don’t like traditional fitness, find themselves in yoga and Pilates. After these workouts you’re not sweaty and tired, but they provide considerable physical activity.

Yoga or Pilates in a group is a great opportunity to meet new interesting people.
To sign up for dance lessons

Dance classes alone or with your partner – this workout that are not perceived as training. We think about dancing as about romance and beauty, not match them up with the sport, however, each class makes to be very active.

Activities swimming

Swimming in the pool is available year-round, if you love the water, it will be the best of active hobby. Swimming is exhausting, and refreshing, forcing you to be active and do not notice it.

To ride a bike

Another alternative workout that is not associated with the sport. Bike ride – is a fascinating journey and many new discoveries, so the activity pedaling is seamless.


Hiking or a family friendly format can be an excellent tradition of the day. Start with simple and short routes, then you have a taste for it and will stare at more complex and long distances.

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