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10 exercises on an exercise ball for weight loss

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Fitball is a good opportunity to throw off those extra pounds at any age and with different physical training. The complexes on this shell are permitted to children, pregnant women, people with herbs. Let’s look at what exercises help lose weight and how to do it.

An effective way to bring the figure in order – exercises on the fitball. Gym ball protects your back and joints from overload. Correctly chosen complexes give fast results.

Working on a fitball involves many muscle groups, even if the exercise is aimed at one Department. Such training is safe for people with back problems, children, pregnant women.

The choice of exercise ball

Exercises with the ball can be done at home or in the gym. This inventory does not take up much space. The fitball is a great trainer for kids and adults. To workout comfortable need to target it properly:

  • The material of the ball should be dense, no odor.
  • Permissible load up to 150 kg.
  • Size – the angle between the Shin and the thigh and also the trunk and pelvic bones 90 degrees. If it does not comply, then the entire load will go to the joints.

Be sure to check certificates of quality, if the shell is bought for home use.

In gyms all tools are purchased from manufacturers. Some doctors even suggest to look at the color. Yellow – strengthens the immune system. Red – tones, stimulates and adds energy. Series, green or blue is calming.

To do exercises on the ball need to not only pick the right size and manufacturer, but also care about the purpose. Trainer 3 determine the format of the inventory:

  • Classic – suitable for any exercises.
  • With ears or handles – helps keep the balance. Ideal for children and pregnant women.
  • With pimples – massage effect. Training on this apparatus improves blood circulation.

Benefits from the lessons

Exercises with the ball for fitness – a great chance to lose weight. Only one set should not expect great results. The body will catch up and the extra pounds are gone, but on the fitness terrain or ground will not work to do. It’s more a female tool for the sport. Definitely need to Supplement training low calorie diet.

But ball has many other uses:

  • Corrected posture. People constantly draws the abdomen that trains the abdominal muscles.
  • Strengthening the muscular frame.
  • The blood circulates better.
  • Leather crafted toxins, wastes, excess fluid.Relieves fatigue and be forces.

It helps the musculoskeletal system of women during pregnancy. Muscles prepare for childbirth.

Exercises with fitball slimming

Coach create aerobic systems, which worked back, legs, arms, abs, stretch done. Strengthening muscles, thrown off extra pounds and improving your balance.

Before exercise you need to do some warm-up exercises – bends, squats, running in place, stretching. This will warm up muscles and prepare them for the next movements. For weight loss recommended 3-5 sessions per week of 30-40 minutes. After a month of intense training will see the first results. But the effect will not, if you do not follow the diet, drinking regime and routine.

Popular complex

7упражнений on the fitball for weight loss:

  • Planck dynamics – kneel down, hands chained to the castle on the fitball. Drawn buttocks and abdomen, removed the SAG in the back. The projectile moves in front and back. To make 10 kickbacks.
  • Reverse push-UPS – turn your back, stretch your hands into the inventory, doing pushups, like bench. Repeat 15 times.
  • Reverse crunches – lie on your back, hold the exercise ball between your legs at knee level. Raise the hips up to the maximum stress of the press. To accomplish 20 times.Pull legs to chest to become in a plank with straight arms. Feet to throw a projectile. Straightened lower extremities to pull up to the chest and back. 25 repetitions.
  • Push-UPS from a shell – stretch hands to the ball, you can be the knees first. To do 25 times.
  • Classic push-UPS – put your feet up equipment. Hands to rest on the floor. To keep the whole body in tension. 20 repetitions.
  • Lifting buttocks – lie on the floor, stretch the feet into the fitball. To raise the pelvis as high as possible, squeeze the buttocks and fixed at 2 seconds. Perform 20 repetitions.
  • Pumping the press need to lie down on inventory to the lower back snugly. Hands behind his head. To raise upper torso. Hold this position for 2 seconds and down. To do 30 times.

Additional motion

It is advisable to dilute the workout with squats. Turn your back to the wall, and the ball between them. Feet shoulder width apart, hands in front of body. During squats the projectile rolls. You need to hold onto him, clinging to the wall. The squat is done before the formation 90 degrees to the popliteal joint. Knees do not go beyond your toes. This is a good exercise on the fitball for weight loss. It is desirable to repeat 15-20 times.

There are exercises with fitball and back. For this you need to lie down on his stomach on the ball, knees against the side of the equipment, and socks to the floor. Raised the upper body. Back, buttocks and posterior surface of the thighs make a straight line. At the top position is held for 3-4 accounts and return to the starting position. It is recommended to do it 15-20 times.

There are exercises with weights:

  • Divorce dumbbells on the ball – the movement is done the same way as on the bench. Repeat 15 times.
  • Bench press – lie down on the shell, pulling his hands before him and slowly lower to the shoulders to rise. Do 10 times for 2 sets.
  • Twisting with dumbbells – lie on stomach, arms out to the sides. Rotate the body to the side, while camber at the waist should not be. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.
  • Fold your hands – be near the shell. With one hand on the ball, the second dumbbell. The housing is tilted. The hand with the dumbbell at the bottom and slowly pulled up to his chest. To do each side 12 times in 2 sets.

After such a productive training on the fitball definitely need a hitch. It is best to do stretching on the ball. Lie on your back and on your stomach, place the hands and feet, to relax. Make some twists to stretch the muscles.

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