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10 exercises for the lazy even to get up is not necessary!

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Anastasia Yurkova
fitness Manager of the club X-Fit Monarch, a personal trainer guiding the group programs of the Federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit

“I train more than three times a week” — any girl would be proud of this and look perfect. However, some days to keep myself in shape like I want, but the strength and desire for this is extremely small. Specially for our readers expert of the Federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit was rated the most lazy workouts that will help keep muscles toned and to relieve tension.

Lazy 10 out of 10

Stretching and MFR (myofascial release) in the network X-Fit combined with the format of the Flex fit. The exercise focused on improving flexibility and relaxation. During the entire lesson, you train lying down in different postures, learn to breathe correctly and ride on the soft roller. Pleasant relaxation this is for the benefit of the body.

Laziness 9 out of 10

Lazy swimming in the pool. If you swim independently without a coach and no you do not customize, you can imagine yourself in the sea and swim in pleasure, backstroke, diving, no distances and speeds. Many of the clubs in the pool area are sun beds and saunas. The effect of such a lazy performance, reduced stress, removal of load from the spine, restoring the overloaded muscles and joints.

Lazy 8 out of 10

Yoga. In the process of training have to strain in some poses, but if you do them in soft format or with the correct breathing, the pleasure will overcome any stress. In addition, the load compensates for the final Savasana.

Lazy 7 out of 10

Horizontal exercise bikes. Good cardio workout that allows you to stay in the comfort zone while maintaining the body in good shape. At the moment classes are not forbidden to read a book, knit or just talk with a friend. However, to move my legs also have that the simulator is not disconnected.

Lazy 6 out of 10

Independent strength training in the gym. Imposing walk from the simulator to the simulator, a couple of approaches with minimal weight just to get muscles a little work. Since for this class there is a probability that the trainee will get a bit tired or slightly sweat, barometer laziness stops in the middle.

Lazy 5 out of 10

Group Pilates class. By itself, Pilates is not an easy workout — it gives an impressive load on the body. However, in group format, it requires self-organization and a good control of the body, and besides, you can always lie down behind the neighbors, or to lie near the columns, on the Mat.

Lazy 4 out of 10

Treadmill. Lazy in training transformirovalsya in a walkway. During this the speed is at a minimum, and the tilt angle remains at zero. During the walk you can watch favorite shows or series. Because this cardio is laid for a long time, sweat will not work.

Lazy 3 out of 10

The aerobics. Basically, aerobics is considered a heavy load, but when you are in the water, she felt much less. The result will be felt only after leaving the water, when seemingly simple movements actually are very much loaded muscles. In addition, you also need to pull on a swimsuit, and to do it very lazily.

Too lazy 2 out of 10

Any dance classes in addition to zumba, where you get to be lazy. For the lazy dancing great strip dance or contemporary. In the end, you can always pretend that know nothing and just watch as other cool move.

Laziness 1 of 10

Force group lessons format ABS — work on the abdominal muscles and back. Have to work, but the bonus for lazy people that mostly all exercises are performed in lying position.

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