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10 burst myths about weight loss

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These myths about weight loss long burst, however, many people still believe in them. In order to lose weight without harm to health and the return of excess weight, you need to focus on the facts.

Losing weight isn’t easy, especially if you don’t want to jeopardize their health and face the return of excess weight. Weight loss should be based on scientific facts and not on hearsay. These ten myths have long been busted, but people continue to believe in them.

All calories are the same

Get 250 calories from chicken breast cooked on the grill, the same amount of calories will be contained in a jar of lemonade. But eating chicken breast will speed up metabolism and reduce appetite, after drinking lemonade will release glucose, and then you’re gonna need it even more. The body uses different methods for processing fats, proteins and carbohydrates, calories may not be equal.

Weight loss is a linear process

Proponents of this delusion believe that during weight loss, the weight will only go down. In fact, the weight will fluctuate, the changes can be up to several kilograms per day.

The weight will change depending on what people ate and drank, how active, and time of day.
Supplements help to lose weight

Many remedies for weight loss actually work, but only if you combine them with proper diet. If advertising suggests that will help you lose weight, not less power, it is a misrepresentation.

Weight loss is not biology, and willpower

Willpower allows you to solve many issues, but when losing weight she won’t be able to resist the lifestyle and genetic predisposition. In losing weight, you cannot rely on willpower, you need to work with the body so that it fit his natural inclinations.

To lose weight need to eat less

This recommendation seems logical, but it’s tantamount to advise the person in depression to get out of it or to recommend an individual with debt to make more money. losing weight requires a review of lifestyle and habits, if it would amount to the reduction of food, all nutritionists would lose his job.

Carbohydrates cause weight gain

Reducing carbohydrates in the diet really helps to lose weight, but they still remain the most important component of the diet. Refusing from bread, refined sugars and pasta will help you lose weight, but the rejection of vegetables, legumes and grains will only worsen health.

Fat also makes you fat

Like carbohydrates, fats can be beneficial and harmful. Healthy fats make food tasty and healthy, bring a sense of satiety and prevent overeating. It is impossible to identify between a refined oil and avocado.

To lose weight need to eat Breakfast

If people tend to Wake up hungry, he should eat Breakfast every morning. But many people don’t want to eat in the morning, they don’t have to force myself to eat Breakfast. Not especially important, when the first meal is much more important than its quality and use.

Diet help to become slim

Diets don’t help to be slim, they help to lose weight. Not every diet can be followed for a long time, so many people cease a diet and immediately gain weight again. About 85% of people can return to their previous weight after 12 months after the diet.

Diet products helpful

Not all products called dietary, are actually. If you pay attention to the composition of many products designed for the diet, we find a large number of artificial components, sugars and even unhealthy fats. A product is not rendered less harmful from what it called the diet.

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