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1 week to perfection and the perfect press

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Your press is far from perfect, the pleats on the belly going to the track. But do not worry, this is all fixable. It’s absolutely possible to make your press beautiful for a week.

Anyone who has the desire to make yourself better and have enough time can build muscle of the abdomen. This requires proper program of sports and a healthy diet with a small amount of simple carbohydrates and fats. This article will tell you how to build a press for 1 week. Initially, however, you must understand that it is necessary to invest maximum effort.

Golden rules for successful training

5 key recommendations that the sessions were fruitful:

  • Tailor centimeter measure your parameters. Put them in a notebook or on a sheet of paper. And then write down next the volume you want in the end.
  • Pick a place to train. The choice is between the gym and home. If you feel uncomfortable, ashamed of his physique, the right to work on the stomach area can be in a home environment. If you are a beginner, the gym will be very expensive (the cost of a personal trainer and be in good physical shape). This will definitely cause discomfort.
  • You can diversify your classes in addition to home walls. Take a fitness Mat, water and go to the lake, to the Park or the forest (if you are not far away). Air and open space will do the trick. Most importantly – will help in the efficient burning of the fat layer.
  • To classes quickly removed the fat from the sides and the waist, buy a dumbbell, a jump rope. But also to make them themselves will not be difficult. Plastic bottles need to collect water or sand, it will perfectly replace a dumbbell.
  • Keep a diary for your workouts. Shall describe it all done exercise and diet this week.

Important! Each exercise start with a warm up of the body and end with a hitch. Neglecting it is a direct path to injury.
Effective exercises

On how to help to see your abs, there is enough material on low-calorie diets, so on that point to dwell, it makes no sense. Proceed directly to the exercises. Each of them involves all the muscles of not only the press, but also bark. There are only 5:

  • Twisting.
  • The reverse twisting.
  • Raising the body from a prone position.
  • Vacuum.
  • Lifting the legs.
  • This exercise is easy and takes a total of 20 – 25 minutes a day. From the first day do 15 – 20 repetitions, 2 approach.


    • Every two days increase by 5 the number of repetitions. And approach – every 2 day do 1 more approach.
    • Turn on the jumping rope. Start with one minute, and each day add one more.
    • Gradually increase the load with weights or bottles. Need to deal every day if you want firmer, flatter stomach for a small period of time.
    • The muscles in this area are restored quickly, so if you skip one workout, then the desired effect will not get.
    • Mode and the load are the foundations on the way to “iron” the press. Irregular to do at home or gym, performing slowly and floor strength exercises. Of course, the effect is the same.


    If you did all the exercises and followed the recommendations, and the stomach remained flabby. Perhaps the reason is different. Consider a few nuances that can hinder to achieve a beautiful press.

    The musculature of the stomach consists of several layers. Cracking one layer needs to tighten up the belly, and the other to make it firm and strong. If the muscles in the classroom will be relaxed, then the effect will be.

    One of the important factors is that people can’t use the abdominal muscles in daily life activities. The muscular system, considered to be regulatory, therefore, obliged to be always in tension, supporting the relief of stomach in a natural way.

    The stoop. A good posture indicates healthy joints and muscles. And, if stooping, the muscles are in a relaxed state, and the entire weight of the body on the back. Gradually, this arrangement compresses the organs and leads to poor lung function and atrophy of muscle fibers of the body.

    Tips for correcting data errors

    Should not just involve the stomach, and initially stretch the abdominal muscles. To take a few breaths to activate the diaphragm and only after that to tighten the abdominal wall of the abdomen.

    To get rid of slouching will help daily walk for forty minutes, in which you have to keep all the muscles of the bark in good shape. The main thing is to try to maintain that position unconsciously and it is important to follow the breath. To breathe correctly through the nose, the chest is absolutely not moving, and only the upper part of the abdomen. In this position, the diaphragm begins to work correctly.

    To summarize

    To quickly pump up the press you need to:

    • not to be lazy and to exercise everyday;
    • to properly perform the exercises;
    • in a timely manner to increase the load;
    • to follow a rhythm;
    • eat right.

    In this article we discussed how to build a press for 1 week and took into account all possible nuances. Exercise will be healthy and beautiful.

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